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  • Rachel Atlas


“How Tulum Became the Williamsburg of Mexico” – an actual headline from The Cut. Over the years, Tulum has become a place to see and be seen. The paradox of trendy places and development is that the same people who spur the popularity tend to be the first to abandon it as soon as it seems passé. Just like a club in New York that becomes uncool and loses its star status to the next best place, Tulum is at risk. Even amidst the chaos of murders, kidnappings, and an ecocide, many of Tulum's business owners carry on as usual – because the show must go on.

The Good News

There are organizations and businesses who are striving for a more authentic Tulum. If you happen to go, please support organizations like Sendero Verde, Tulum Recycles, Makers Tulum, and Woolis Solutions.

Digital Art: Rachel Atlas


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