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"In this manicured, modified world, it is my responsibility as an artist to provide you with mirrors of truth - gently urging that we must all have the courage to look."

Naomi Rey


Naomi Rey, (born Rachel Naomi Appel), is a filmmaker, creative director, musician, and entrepreneur - depending on the day.

Provoking enlightenment and illuminating topics that are often misconstrued, she likes to portray proximities between contrasting dualities. She pushes people to sit with uncomfortable topics, knowing this is where the growth happens - in the dark. 


Naomi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies and a Master's Degree in International Journalism. Featured in numerous publications including New York Magazine, Mind Body Green, Films For Action, and The Beam Magazine, she not only understands the necessity of a healthy, regenerative society, but also recognizes the value of accurate information and the true danger of corruption within mass media. 


Her education combined with her experience as a creative writer and storyteller has led to valuable collaborations with respected artists and brands, bringing stories to life by way of videography, copywriting, and project management.

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The Dark Side of Tulum (Documentary)
Atlantis Studios
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Video Portfolio

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