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  • Rachel Atlas


listening to Eclipse by Pink Floyd

Nothing in this life is certain. The only thing we can be certain of is that everything changes. Time stops for no one.

Between the 13th and 15th century, Tulum was at its height in history, but eventually the great Maya city fell. Some say it was warfare. Others believe that the Maya may have exhausted the environment around them. Up until the late 90s, Tulum was nothing more than a truck stop and quiet fishing village. Today, it is flourishing in a new kind of way as one of the top destinations in the world; however, it is beginning crumble to once more. This time, beneath the pressure of accelerated growth and irresponsible mass tourism.

While most hotels and restaurants call themselves worshipers of the environment, the simple truth is that many are causing more harm than good. Even some of the best-known establishments have failed to follow through on promises of sustainability. 

History always repeats itself – the first time as tragedy, then as farce.

Digital Art: Rachel Atlas


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