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  • Rachel Atlas


In just a few years, Tulum has transformed from a quiet beach town into the newest spot on the global party tour.

Jungle raves are popping up left and right, with several dozen reported last high season and more to come this year. While many organizers are trying their best to opt for a more sustainable approach, the bottom line is that large jungle raves and preservation do not mix. It is one thing to plan a party and celebrate where development already exists, but it is quite another to curate a music event for thousands of people in a unique and delicate landscape where there is zero infrastructure to facilitate guests and more importantly – with zero regard to the living creatures being chased out of their homes after 24 hours of roaring house music.

While large parties can be an amazing source of freedom and expression, Tulum's natural environment is simply not designed for them.

Digital Art: Rachel Atlas

Original Photo: Khris Cowley for Here & Now


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