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  • Rachel Atlas


It is important to understand that this is not an anti-drug ad. This is an anti-drug-war ad. This is not meant to pass judgement on recreational drug use, but to help clarify the consequences – when buying drugs from dealers, it is directly supporting a war in which various cartel gangs continue to create a hostile and destructive environment in Tulum.

While it may seem harmless traveling to Mexico and buying cocaine or ketamine to enjoy the best parties, it is actually supporting one of the deadliest drug wars in the world. Mexico is witnessing almost 100 drug gang-related murders per day and has paralyzed hundreds of thousands of lives. If you believe Tulum is immune to this kind of violence, it may surprise you to know that during this year alone there have been 35 murders and several reported disappearances. Heavy drug use has become so apparent that there have even been high concentrations of cocaine found in water samples taken off the coast of Quintana Roo.

We've already seen this scenario play out in Acapulco, which was once a refuge for A-list celebrities in the 1950s and is now one of Mexico's deadliest cities. We are even seeing it play out in neighboring Playa del Carmen and Cancun and there is little stopping it from happening in Tulum – as the party scene continues to take over Tulum, it brings the violence of the cartel with it.

Digital Art: Rachel Atlas


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