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  • Rachel Atlas


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Water is our most valuable resource. As only three percent of the world’s liquid asset exists as fresh water, it is not a question of when wars will be fought over it – but a question of how soon and how often? Tulum owes its success to the clear blue Caribbean Sea and the world’s largest fresh water river system that flows beneath the ground. While over 3 million people die per year from dehydration and water related illnesses, many of Tulum’s residents and business owners are pouring sewage directly into their very own fresh water reserve.


Elemental, a company in Tulum, is oxygenating, decomposing, and clarifying wastewater with their advanced and robust septic systems. If your house or business is not connected to the sewerage treatment plant, you must, without exception have adequate wastewater facilities – such as Elemental’s ABG System.

Digital Art: Rachel Atlas

Original Photo: Ariel Roberson


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