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  • Rachel Atlas


listening to The Joke by Brandi Carlile

In our flashy, filtered society, real is the rarest thing you can be. With little transparency in development nor advertising, it comes as no surprise that Tulum joins the long list of ecological destinations that are causing more harm than good. Even some of the best-known hotels and restaurants have failed to follow through on promises of sustainability; however, it is easy for them to maintain a façade of “eco-luxury” with merely a few photos on Instagram.

Tulum has found itself in the middle of an ego war, where fame triumphs integrity. The irony behind this is that as Tulum crumbles, the wealth that has built it will crumble with it. So in the end – the joke’s on them.


There are a handful of amazing, honest, hardworking individuals in Tulum who actually practice what they preach – if you’re willing to put in the research to find them. For instance, Casa del las Olas is one of the oldest properties on the beach road and is designed to work in harmony with nature, instead of against it.

Digital Art: Rachel Atlas

Original Photo: Roberto Nickson


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