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  • Rachel Atlas


Tulum has become one of the most “Instagramable” places in the world.

In a society that craves immediate gratification, Tulum owes much of its popularity to the rise of Instagram models and fashion bloggers. While it may seem harmless to spend time in Tulum and publicly share all of the unique experiences, it can actually be quite damaging without proper research. Very often, influencers will engage in paid partnerships with hotels or restaurants and are unconsciously advocating an ecocide – promoting places which are inadequate to handle their social media following. And considering the low rate of honest and sustainable establishments, many internet celebrities support places which are destroying the very fabric of Tulum.

Our ignorance and obsession with content and filters has blinded us from reality – Tulum is a prisoner of its own fame.

Digital Art: Rachel Atlas

Original Photo: Roberto Nickson


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